Here are a few of my side projects! Link to heading

In my space time I like to create a variety of small apps and side projects. Here are a few React based ones that live online.

Bikehopper Link to heading

Bikehopper is route creator for people who like to combine cycling and public transit to get places. It creates better routes than many other services in my opinion.

My contribution to this project is the creation of a backend service that allows routes that are created to be converted to a .fit file which is compatible with many cycling computers such as Wahoo and Garmin devices. This file allows your cycling computer to provide turn by turn directions and lets you ditch your phone while riding.

Bikehopper Live

Bikehopper Github

Bikehopper Fit File Creator Github

Memecycle Link to heading

I am a heavy user of Strava and have created an alternative that gets great inspiration from I wanted a site that would allow me to quickly upload GPS files and photos to share some of my bicycle rides.

The frontend I wrote in ReactJS. The backend is an ExpressJS application that uses MongoDB as it’s datastore.

Live Demo

Example ride

QR Code Generator Link to heading

This is a simple app that generates a QR code based on a string that the user types in. This was created pretty quickly as a take home project for a job interview I had. Was a fun project, and kind of useful as well. I got the job :) This was also a ReactJS application.

Live Demo


Amos’s Alphabet Link to heading

My partner and I like to play the NYTimes spelling bee game every night. I did not feel like paying for it anymore, so I created a free ReactJS based alternative. I must say that my version is much harder!

Live Demo


Tomato Head Link to heading

I like to schedule my time and try to avoid distraction by using the Pomodoro method. This is an old ReactJS app that helps me out.

Live Demo