Vincent Martin - Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineer, End Point Dev. April 2023 - Current

  • Contributed to the development of the GNU/Casepointer public health software suite for a variety of US jurisdictions using Java, JS, React, and PSQL
  • Made epidemiologists more productive and happy by designing and implementing new features.
  • Supported epidemiologists during their daily usage of Casepointer
  • Lead the implementation of the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System for multiple states
  • Improved security of public health information by fixing security issues found during audits and penetration tests
  • Managed forks of Casepointer for multiple clients with individual needs and kept them up to date with upstream consortium code
  • Handled the release process in a GNU/Linux environment for multiple clients
  • Provided code reviews for peers providing guidance when needed

Senior Software Engineer, Tekmetric. June 2021 - August 2022

  • Contributed to a heavily used React JS application for a SaaS company
  • Designed and implemented new user friendly components to make users happier and more productive
  • Redesigned legacy components to be more feature rich and easier to use
  • Refactored app from using 3 different styling solutions to Tailwind CSS, simplifying code base for new engineers
  • Simplifying heavily used class based React components by converting to functional ones utilizing hooks
  • Added needed features to Express JS based REST backend
  • Provided code reviews for peers new features
  • Released code daily and dealt with the consequences of that!

Senior Software Engineer, FedNat. July 2015 - May 2021

  • Primary developer on a React JS app working with UX/UI, QA and fellow engineering team members using AGILE methodology
  • Improved system uptime for critical business processes by creating a service that monitors all running processes
  • Maintained backend Java/Kotlin services that pass and transform insurance data throughout the organization
  • Created and maintained a REST backend in Java/Kotlin with Javalin for use with in house and public applications
  • Maintained and improved legacy in house web app using Java and GWT framework
  • Made software dependencies more manageable by migrating build system from Ant to Gradle for Java and Kotlin projects
  • Migrated the team’s source control system from SVN to Gitlab leading to improved workflow and code reviews causing less problematic code to be released

CS Researcher, Temple University, Dept of Computer Science. August 2014 - May 2015

  • Designed the control system for the development and testing of a robotic controllable needle system for surgical applications
  • Created a wearable eye tracking camera and an android application to track physical movement for Temple’s Neuroscience department
  • Assisted in the creation of real time video analysis platform utilizing Google Glass, OpenCV and Android
  • Benchmarked performance for video processing, battery life and network throughput for Google Glass
  • Published results of the lab’s research via writing papers and presenting at conferences
  • Assisted students as a teaching assistant for CIS-1057 Computer Programming in C class

Network Security Analyst (IPv6 Subject Matter Expert), Verizon/ICSA Labs Jan 2006 - June 2010

  • Tested network protection devices for security violations, worked with vendors to fix violations and published findings on ICSA website
  • Authored the proposed IPv6 Network Protection Device test specifications for the U.S. Government’s National Institute of Standards and Technologies’ USGv6 program
  • Designed ICSA’s internal IPv6 testing program specifications and wrote software tools used in the program
  • Worked with the Network Intrusion Device team to test products and improve the program
  • Assisted in the virtualization of ICSA’s test bed

Wireless Network Engineer, Soapbox Systems, Nov 2004 - Nov 2008

  • Installed and maintained wireless network infrastructure used by the traveling press corp during the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections
  • Worked with the press to maintain their access and solve any unforeseen problems during Presidential debates and political events

Network Operations Control Engineer, Business Information Group: December 2004 - January 2006

  • Designed and maintained an infrastructure capable of monitoring hundreds of critical point to point radio systems throughout the country
  • Maintained and monitored wireless networks installed by my company and 3rd parties such as AT&T’s NYC cellular network and the Federal Aviation Administration

Published Works Link to heading

Konh, Bardia, Harold H. Lee, Vincent P. Martin, Vincent Zhao, and Parsaoran Hutapea. 2015a. “Robotic Needling System for Brachytherapy Procedure.” In International Conference on Automation, Cognitive Science, Optics, Micro ElectroMechanical System, and Information Technology, 1–5. IEEE.

Konh, Bardia, Howon Lee, H. Harold Lee, Vincent Zhao, Vincent Martin, and P. Hutapea. 2015b. “Design, Development and Evaluation of a Two Way Actuated Steerable Needle.” In ASME Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems, 1–5.

Zhao, V, HH Lee, VP Martin, B Konh, and Parsaoran Hutapea. 2015. “Nitinol Based Flexible Smart Needle Design.” In Biomedical Engineering Conference (Nebec), 2015 41st Annual Northeast, 1–2. IEEE.

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Temple University, Philadelphia, PA - B.S. Electrical Engineering (Bio-Electrical Concentration)